Lynnferd Keeran's Theory is a Revolutionary Reality

September 5, 2007 updated November 5, 2009

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The leaders of the world are finally noticing that the earth is in dire health. National leaders and religious leaders are now organizing to do something about global warming or climate changes and the imminent shortage of fuel, especially oil. Fuel shortages can not be solved by suddenly using more fuel during some crash project. In general, we do not have enough fuel available to buy with unlimited borrowing and government spending. Established ways to supply more energy will consume more energy than is being recovered. Unlike the 1970's this time it is global; we can not borrow fuel to save fuel later. We do not have enough fuel. We have even less oil and oil substitutes that can be accessed in a hurry. Any crash program with even an unlimited amount of government deficit spending will crash itself into the limited resources it tries to increase in supply.

When the news of dire oil shortages sinks in – there will be a realization that we need a far better source of energy than the distant sun and those renewable forms of energy derived from the sun like: light, heat, wind, waves and crops. Fossil forms of sunlight energy like coal and oil are limited by the rate we can extract oil and coal. That rate has nearly peaked yet we still need more. While the sun is perfect; it is not quick and cheap for the situation we are in. It will take oil we do not have to ration out for the necessary large natural resource projects like capital intensive wind mills and solar collectors. We certainly do not have enough oil to burn crops. Crops consume almost as much oil indirectly as we get back in oil alternatives like corn alcohol and soy diesel. Do not forget that we will have less food when we burn some; so the price of food goes up for everyone on earth until eventually enough people could starve to death. Only then will their demand for transportation's goods and services be destroyed with their lives. Worse, the factories that process crops will consume oil, we do not have, when we build them. We do not have enough oil or oil substitutes now to go off and try to continually build crop processing facilities.

Keeran Theory shows how the sun actually works and permits the duplication of that surprisingly practical solar process on demand in our existing vehicles. The practical use of our sun's process was patented about 40 years ago and never understood. It was not recognized for being the process of the sun. Keeran Theory also shows how nature uses the suns star process almost in every living cell. The real process of the stars has been overlooked because the evidence was disbelieved. Keeran theory, like none other found so far, has applied the best physics theory to explain universal biological transmutation and explain the free energy patents of Joe Papp and Ruggero Santilli. Randell Mills has already applied his theory of everything that he calls Classical Physics, CP. CP is in comparison to Standard Quantum Mechanics, SQM. Keeran extends Mills Classical Physics to explain thunder as being a glimpse of the sun's Blacklight Process occurring near the earth. Surprisingly, simple blown fuse wires can be made able to demonstrate the forceful process of the sun in a relatively safe toy.

A long time ago, in 1968, so almost 40 years ago, a Joe Papp convincingly documented a demonstration of a mysterious power source which even he could not explain how it worked to anyone's satisfaction. Almost that same year I abused my toy cannon which blew up like Papps' real cannon. And then a month later in 1968 Papp's car engine also exploded but fatally. I did not know about Papps' work until a few years ago. Papp and others have been rightly nervous at somehow exploding anything similar when its operating theory remained a mystery. That is until now, because Keeran's explanation applies Mills' comprehensive physics theory, CP, to these things. Now we can see that Papp used the power of the sun to successfully run modified car engines. Keeran charitably lists optional ways to retrofit the free energy of the sun in miniature for vehicles like Papp showed in 1968. Furnaces look even easier to make based on a surprisingly related technology. Ruggero Santilli's licensee has been selling a patented torch for about a year which has an unusually cold 259 degrees Fahrenheit flame yet it melts bricks at temperatures above 10,000 degrees. Santilli's trademarked "Aquygen" gas torch uses a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen made into a magnetized gas. The magnetized gas is dismissed as a physical impossibility even when scientists hear of the evidence. Science books can not explain these breakthroughs so the facts are ignored for our great loss of global energy crisis solutions. Keeran's toy that melts glass and not plastic can be made in a few minutes to demonstrate the process of the sun in your midst. The Blacklight Process, BLP, is basic to Keeran Theory. Physics teachers will have to accept the toy evidence and rewrite their textbooks. Keeran explains more evidence which can only be the provision of God's energy for us.

Keeran explains how the Blacklight Process, BLP, is linked to: Papp's free energy engine and Santilli's torch, and the Biological Transmutation of elements occurring in almost every living cell. Biological Transmutation, BT, is why dried fruit tastes so different than whole wet fruit. Just in the drying process amazing element changes occur. Many elements increase and some decrease. These element changes are measurable in many other living processes. Seeds noticeably change the amounts of their elements when they germinate. C. L. Kervran wrote books about BT all his life in France. He was nominated for a Nobel Prize about 30 years ago, before he died. This evidence is all ignored by science teachings now. Mills says we are living in the scientific Stone Age! Keeran extends that thought to say we are practicing "modern mythology" in the sciences, whereas, true Christianity fits the facts of life as explained in Keeran theory. Science has been enforcing mystical teachings whereas God speaks the whole living truth forever identical with person Jesus, John 14:6. The bible is vindicated with "the Bible Code" as the facts of history are presented in prophetic detail. Original texts are used and thus vindicated to find overlapping patterns writing known history with the coded words' letters found at equal letter spacing's away from each other.