Renewable energy and renewable resources; Star Flame Technology is the reference link PROVEN Ultimate Power Solution for the creation of Creation under Jesus' Government.

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This is the mission of founder Lynnferd E. Keeran as expressed in these former pages:

[1] This is from my Quote:

"We can heal an imminent famine caused by oil prices! ..."I need early founding partners who share my vision to evangelize the hard-to-reach people groups that missionaries have longed to touch with God's love. Vast Asian nations need help and we will deliver it in the character and love of Jesus. We can show practical humanity. I desire to saturate my efforts with all the characteristics of doing God's will. This charitable business will freely point out these are the last days before Jesus comes and judges everyone. ...

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"Help Local Pioneer Save Souls and Bodies Globally, in Jesus' Name By Tapping into God's Energy that Normally Changes Elements ...

"Nature & Patents have shown how to rescue millions. ... We should use those same natural techniques obviously used in the coming millennium as this present age ends, to reveal God's Creation's perfection. ... "Many more Keeran pages elaborate on this summary; perhaps the biggest project ever!

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"-Believe It: We Can Duplicate the Safe Free Power Process of the Sun! - ..."What news will we believe to be important and clear enough to allow it to change our lives? When events prove God provided us with unbelievably free natural energy evangelists can also remind people that God has provided unbelievably good news about eternal health in the gospel as well. There are actually several poorly reported free energy discoveries that are capable of changing everyone on earth's lifestyle. We are entering a period of the most massive economic changes since the discovery of fire because Blacklight Power Inc. duplicates the sun's corona's natural energy process. ...

[4] This is from my Quote:

"NY Times: The end of oil ... [Echoed by recent reports.]

The..."Hirsch Report [US Department of Energy Report Feb. 2005] has been hailed by many as one of the most important pieces of research in this area. ... [From] "An interview with Hirsch. ... "This problem is truly frightening. This problem is like nothing that I have ever seen in my lifetime, and the more you think about it and the more you look at the numbers, the more uneasy any observer gets. It's so easy to sound alarmist, and I fear that part of what I'm saying may sound alarmist, but there simply is no question that the risks here are beyond anything that any of us have ever dealt with. And the risks to our economies and our civilization are enormous."

"... The world doesn't really have the capacity to do crash programs; it will require an unprecedented scaling up of factories and retraining of people. We will have to do things on a scale that has never been done before, he says.

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"Lynnferd Keeran's Theory is a Revolutionary Reality ... "The leaders of the world are finally noticing that the earth is in dire health. National leaders and religious leaders are now organizing to do something about global warming or climate changes and the imminent shortage of fuel, especially oil. Fuel shortages can not be solved by suddenly using more fuel during some crash project. In general, we do not have enough fuel available to buy with unlimited borrowing and government spending. Established ways to supply more energy will consume more energy than is being recovered. Unlike the 1970's this time it is global; we can not borrow fuel to save fuel later. We do not have enough fuel. We have even less oil and oil substitutes that can be accessed in a hurry. Any crash program with even an unlimited amount of government deficit spending will crash itself into the limited resources it tries to increase in supply. … When the news of dire oil shortages sinks in – there will be a realization that we need a far better source of energy than the distant sun and those renewable forms of energy derived from the sun like: light, heat, wind, waves and crops. ...

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"The Ultimate Energy Technologies ... "There is a solution to Global Warming and the oil shortages, stated in the name of Jesus, claiming Jesus' characteristics and under the authority of his best written intentions, God's will in the bible. We can be using the energy source of the stars in all vehicles with a Keeran retrofit. But we can not save ourselves from some people abusing this ultimate energy technology for evil. God alone can fairly eliminate the evil abusers among us and rescue all life on earth from those using overly powerful tools that will destroy ever more easily until we would self-destruct if he did not return as King of kings, as the bible says He will do. ...

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"PROVEN Ultimate Energy Solution! ... "Ideal Solar Processes HAVE ALREADY BEEN MADE INTO SAFE WORKING DEVICES; but everyone needed Keeran to teach how they worked, so that devices could have been widely safely maintained! Key EVIDENCE below is explained for Keeran's discovery: Our Sun's Processes already exist in nature ON EARTH and in former patents: ... [800 words with many hyper linked references.]

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"The Ultimate Energy Sources are Available!

"Renewable alternatives have replaced the use of oil, and now here coal. Vital affordable supplies of fossil fuels have peaked and will decline; see current news of global outcries at Unknowingly, ideal solar processes have already been made into safe working devices! Some patents have expired. Discover that the tiniest of stars do retrofit fireplaces! ... Keeran applies Blacklight's data true theory to mysterious historic inventions that were continuous alternatives to oil use. We desperately need those cheap energy sources now. Since many of these alternative energy source devices are so old that their patents have expired, Keeran wishes to donate variations and combinations which will rescue the lives and livelihoods of all Mankind. Please help solve humanities needs in every way possible during this global survival emergency. Everyone should be dedicated to charitably serve others needs. [8000 words counting the Addendum.]

[9] This is from my Quote:

"Simply Everything!

"Electrons and protons are simply every "thing." Everything that exists is made up of just two things: an electron and or a proton. ...neutrons are made up of one electron and one proton so they do not count as the third thing in a trinity of the basic parts that make up all existence. .. Protons are analogous to the Father in the Trinity; electrons are analogous to the Son, Jesus, and all forms of Power which comes from the relationship between them is analogous to the Holy Spirit. Life exists to invite the living creative design, the presence of the power of almighty God. ...

[10] This is from my Quote:

"Oil's gush is peaking. Can we adapt little suns?

"Oil is finished! NASA's real water fueled Blacklight rocket shown by Rowan University's Marchese report, dwarfs fuel cell power capabilities. Blacklight's safe star-like oxygen catalyzed mono-atomic hydrogen chemical process, verified by [well over] 26 independent labs, is almost nuclear power. Water vapor fueled devices can abate global warming. ...

"Randell Mills' ultraviolet process disproves an 80-year-old physics theory. .... Mills, Harvard's 1986 MD, devastates ridicule within his ... Theory [book], downloadable free.

"I suspect hydrinos form around lightning and hydrino theory confirms biblical rebuke of soul-wandering dimensions that non-classical quantum mechanics theories permit.

"Everyone must cope with obsolescence psychology that depreciates combustion equities. Healers foreseeing fuel squandering and manufacturers stagnating should immediately manifest affordable engine retrofits that simultaneously improve efficiency dramatically and assure compatibility with Blacklight Power.