Help Pioneer True Science that in Jesus’ Name will HEAL a Fuel Famine

By Tapping into the God given Energy that is Normally Changing Elements!

 Proven devices that tap nature’s renewal process show how to rescue Billions. By Lynnferd E. Keeran, lynnferd at 


This basic reformation of the ideas in physics lets healers administer known phenomena better. 


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    At last, we discover our Creator’s gift of everyday matter and energy ingeniously built into nature; all for our benefit!  Almost infinite energy and endless materials are now possible from background solar neutrino energy rays and dark matter, sort-of “star ash;” each rain daily into everything. Already, others have unexplainably demonstrated element changes, renewed energy, and linear pressure!  When established, Keeran Theory enables Christians to rule and reign with Jesus for a thousand years of ideal material progress as civilization grows as God planned, Revelation 20:6.  We should use those same natural techniques obviously used in the coming Millennium as this present age ends, to reveal Our Creator’s perfection.

    The saved will apply the massive energy in our midst and make elements like all God’s Creatures do, exactly when needed.  The end of this age is near because these forms of energy and matter, here since the beginning, will require Jesus’ perfect government to not self-destruct Creation as we finally learn to master nature for a completed dominion, Genesis 1:28.  This final leap of science and technology reveals the plan of God built into every atom. We are made to inherit eternity using all that was intricately provided since the start.  It will be glorious to learn how Mankind is such a beautiful part of God’s energetic design as a Christian scientist. Lovers will create Creation under Jesus’ government on earth as it is done in heaven. 

    Big claims require big proof.  Keeran’s predecessors have plenty of evidence.  Keeran’s personal contribution is an old toy that melted glass but not plastic.  It shows the theory simply - but not without experimental safety hazards!  Keeran is thinking of donating a range of inventions that, on paper, retrofit existing vehicles to utilize star power, so that some people will escape some of the problems prophesied as this age closes.  All this is needed in a hurry to mercifully heal oil famines and win souls via dedicated managers before the church is raptured.  By all means, please help!

    Randell Mills generates star energy while shrinking single hydrogen atoms into “hydrinos,” like neutrino energy is made as neutrons are formed from a proton-and-electron.  Keeran extends Mills’ science to explain proven energy breakthroughs! software illustrates molecular changes instantly and accurately, validating Mills revolutionary physics which models new medicines and novel materials. So, Keeran explains how Mills’ hydrinos in dark matter are vital in ecosystems for life’s “biological transmutations.”   Oh God, help healers to apply summaries like this.



The Evidence for Lynnferd E. Keeran's Revolutionary Theory: See links: StarFlameTechnology.Com/Solution:


+ Books linked like Kervran’s 1980 French book Biological Transmutation catalog MAJOR element changes:


-Fetal chickens form bones in eggs without enough calcium; they most likely make calcium from potassium by cold fusion, a transmutation.

-Drying fruit etc. radically changes ratios of elements by cold fusion and cold fission.  Notice de-hydration generally de-ionizes substances.

-Seed germination often significantly changes elements. Notice Hydration. Just for one example: potassium and calcium ratios may change.


-Some sea creature’s shed shells and make new calcium shells without any calcium in or around them to assemble a new shell with!


-Wild plants make elements lacking in soils.  That is why farmers historically left land fallow; to naturally replenish mineral imbalances.

-Spanish moss makes iron on bare copper wires without contact with soil, even inside of a greenhouse.  Kervran catalogs changes everywhere.

-People needing calcium make it from organic silica, like from the herb horsetail.    -Iron will transmute from manganese inside of people.


-Manganese ore is enriched using bacteria.   -Oxygen life processes and odd sulfur life processes are related by their atomic number’s math.


=See reference links. This is universal organic cold fusion and cold fission.  Keeran shows how atoms loan and save nuclear energy without toxic


  waste, like batteries - unless atoms are “smashed!”  Residual energy from background dark matter “star ash” is balanced by passing neutrinos. 



+ The University of Illinois editor of the prestigious Fusion journal, duplicated then published in the journal that:

-Pure carbon rods arcing under pure water produces new elements: iron and others; this is proof of (BLP™ related) “cold fusion.” See links.


=Similar simple experiments prove inorganic cold fusion and cold fission, transmutation.  Keeran links this to thrust with no external rocket exhaust!


+ The ultraviolet Blacklight Process™, BLP™, discovered by Randell Mills of establishes:

-Catalysts shrink SINGLE ATOMS of hydrogen into tiny “hydrino” atoms via the BLP ™ process; done like in chemistry, with no radioactivity.

-Halfway nuclear-energy densities are released from hydrogen, proportional to hydrogen’s “hydrino” quantum shrinkage steps.


-Mills’ work is PROVEN by’s molecular modeling software matching known measurements. This changes all of science!


=The Blacklight Process™ in Keeran Theory is basic; it is also extended to explain: thunder, “sprites and jets,” even to blue jets’ gamma ray bursts.


+ has many patents that make magnetized gases which generate excessive heat! A related:

- Aquygen™ torch of magnetized hydrogen and oxygen burns cool until it melts bricks at over 10,000 F.  Targets tap star ash’s re-burning!


=The Key is only magnetic clusters uniquely hold hydrogen & dark matter as single atoms; while also concentrating star ash enabling BLPs!


+ Joseph Papp had mysterious patents & videos of engines that ran on water, chlorine, & inert gasses.

-Hundreds of horsepower from sealed piston engines, perpetually: no fuel; no heat nor exhaust!  Why did they –unpowered- explode fatally?


-Study a 2003 trade journal’s completely convincing lengthy report  See the videos!


=Others are overlooking Papp’s isotope assisted electrolysis which made magnetized hydrogen & freshly condensed dark matter -just as needed.


=Papp’s cannon, as shown in the 1968 film, ruptured because the walls were coated with magnetized hydrogen etc. like Keeran’s toy demonstrator!


=Magnetic coatings let BLPs™ make explosive star-hot pressure; then the byproducts quench all that heat, leaving just linear pressure or thrust.


Practical Keeran Theory -enables STAR-like retrofits- to be made and safely maintained.

+ Some interrelated phenomena are too complex to list here.  They are obvious with the explanation presented in other papers on the web.

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