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Electrons and protons are simply every “thing.”  Everything that exists is made up of just two things: an electron and or a proton.  Old teachings implied that neutrons were a basic item but in fact even according to old textbooks neutrons are made up of one electron and one proton so they do not count as the third thing in a trinity of the basic parts that make up all existence.  All forms of energy come from the relationship between an electron and a proton.  A trinity actually exists if we count all these forms of energy in the universe, all together, as the third thing.  Then this third “existence” is not a “thing” that has weight and occupies space.  Non physical “things” are called spiritual.  All forms of influence and design making a total system can be then identified as a non-object or spiritual existence that is an essential consequence of the nature of a proton and an electron.  So this “spiritual” reality completes the whole system of existence; this trinity then counts everything in everyway that exists.  Understanding what neutrons actually are makes a fascinating story about the whole of reality.  Understanding neutrons has now become essential for our continued existence on earth.  Study wikipedia.


Neutrons have given up the energy held between their proton and electron that they are composed of.  That is a large unit of energy called a neutrino.  Keeran claims that no antimatter is involved when an isolated neutron will absorb back a weakened traveling neutrino and enlarge to almost become a hydrogen atom.  Randell Mills shows that these small hydrogen atoms are the virtually undetectable atoms between noticeable elements.  Keeran points out exactly where and how these disappearing neutrons reappear; their reappearance allows elements to change mass, enabling life!  Most importantly these atoms that go undetected when they are larger than neutrons but smaller than hydrogen are identical to the ashes of stars that are already amid all atoms on earth.  This background star ash can be collected and made to “burn” briefly like a star in old patented devices just like it is concentrated naturally to cause thunder!  finally we can understand the process of stars going on in our midst.  Star processes are the ultimate energy sources that we are destined to use for the next thousand years under perfect government; utopia for Jesus’ lovers.


There are only two kinds of objects in the universe, a proton and an electron and all forms of energy are derived from the location of protons with electrons.  Physics defines isolated forces like gravity, magnetism or electrostatic charge, as not yet forms of power.  Forces like gravity are potentially energy if by their specific situation they could manage to change the physical relationship or condition of things like the temperature, shape or location; then those forces are called “potential energy.”  Force, energy and power have exact meanings with logically inter-related units of measure in the science of physics.  Physics like any science is systematic study that requires some course of time to understand.  Since a neutron is made up of a proton and an electron, the universe is described by just three facts two kinds of objects: electrons and protons, then their relationships. 


Among the many forms of energy to begin to discuss, let us start with visible light amid a spectrum of electromagnetic energy radiated and expressed as bundles of energy called photons which come from the electron.  Since the electron has almost no mass in comparison to the proton, all the mass around us is just evidence of the existence of protons.  While protons mix loosely with electrons in a hot state of plasma in and near stars, people do not sense protons except for their gravity in large masses like stars, planets or moons.  Sunlight, like all light, comes effectively from the “inside” of electrons, according to “Classical Physics” by Randell Mills.  Protons in the nuclei of atoms are only sensed by us because of their contribution to the mass of all substances.  Protons inside of matter, the elements, are completely covered with at least one electron. The only way to contact a proton would be through the electrons that are wrapped around the protons.  Protons resemble the solid fact of the existence of our Heavenly Father, electrons that emit all light remind us of the glory of Jesus.  The analogy is: the only way to the Father is through His Son, Jesus, who is the Truth; says  John 14:6.


The neutron is composed of a proton and an electron combined.  The equal and opposite electrical charges on the proton and electron are neutralized in a neutron because the proton and electron are so close there exists almost no potential energy between the proton and electron composing a neutron.  When neutrons form inside stars and other places they give up all their forms of energy that could create that existed between them.  For every neutron that exists to form all the other elements besides simple hydrogen it was necessary for the proton and electron to give up all ability to change anything and exist without any kind of power.  Neutrons are thus dead hydrogen atoms.  Keeran clarifies that the neutron can only continue to exist while in a dynamic relationship paired up with a proton or in a nucleus.  It is well known that a neutron alone will disappear in about 15 minutes!  Keeran claims sets of protons AND ELECTRONS are on the inside atoms, in the core or nucleus.  Nuclei have an electron for each pair and that electron in the nucleus is intimately moving between the pair of protons and neutralizing one and then the other in an oscillation faster than light can move.  From our external viewpoint there is always a proton and neutron inside that atom’s nucleus; however, Keeran claims that they are constantly trading places.  As an electron moves one way between a pair of protons neutralizing one proton at a time, a neutrino moves the other way.  This neutrino is the source of nuclear energy; and a stretched electron, Randell Mills’ disk, is the strong nuclear binding ‘strap’ doing a constant resonance transfer of almost the maximum amount of neutrino energy between protons! 


A neutrino is bundle of an astronomical amount of energy able to transform into of any other form of energy as it weakens.  Keeran theorizes that as neutrinos, as energy bundles, pass through every atom in their path, neutrinos can gain or loose some energy to balance any excess nuclear energy with atoms needing nuclear energy.  This basic power of creation intimately “heals” imbalances in the sharing of all forms of the power of creation inside every atom in the universe.  Only damaged atoms broken and out of resonance with the design of the universe are healed by special means other than the passing neutrinos through them.  This is like the processes of life that require intelligent biological reactions to adjust mass or energy surgically.


Protons are analogous to the Father in the Trinity; electrons are analogous to the Son, Jesus, and all forms of Power which comes from the relationship between them is analogous to the Holy Spirit.  Life exists to invite the living creative design, the presence of the power of almighty God, which is analogous to how the Bible refers to the Holy Spirit.  The plan of God, the comprehensive set of words in the Bible, the whole of everything as a unit is called collectively not words but by the singular “the word.”  God’s plan is the message involved in all that is implied in “The Word” and will of God is implemented by our personal involvement though prayer and obedience which heals creation in character with Jesus’ victory over time and material limitations. Therefore, not only is the foundation of material creation, protons and electrons, patterned after the Godhead, a full trinity of existence is completed with the analogy continuing into the basics of the full Gospel Story.  We can see Jesus death the giving up of the spirit at the cross is also built into how matter functions in and between atoms in all of the sciences. 


We come to the cross like a dead neutron and receive the full measure of energy, like a neutrino, that Jesus gave up when He died.  We are to live in constant surrender to Jesus giving him our full life energy like the pairing of protons with an electron and a neutrino inside all elements that make up the materials in the universe.  We live for Jesus and He lives for us. Maybe the intimate sharing of all forms of energy is analogous to love; a loving surrender.  Earth has a greater variety of elements than any other place we know perhaps because of the endless special exactly unique conditions that could not be found any where else in the universe.  Everything on earth was made for the Glory of God in Jesus.  The physical earth will become heaven when the speed of light is stopped from slowing down and reset back into perfect speed, time which is the slowing down of the speed of light, ends.   End for now.  See practical retrofits at my: